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-Commission: Summer cover- by Amena-dono
-Commission: Summer cover-
hey there ^^ been a while since I posted anything,so I'll be posting a picture I did for a great client of mine,made sometime during July :)
This picture was made for a facebook page called " Animania Source" :D Go check them out sometime~ they post quite interesting stuff and bunches of cute pictures!
I really hope you like it. ^_^ 
At this point I'm really busy with artwork and commissions and school ,so I post so rarely and I'm sorry ;w; 
But I will be more active in the next few months as I'll have a lot of content to work on ,which I can post on here as well : ) 
So expect more works anytime soon~~

Hugs and kisses~~


-In case you're interested in commissioning,drop me a note~ ^v^ 
My little sister can't be this....jealous.. by Amena-dono
My little sister can't be this....jealous..
Lol,I had fun drawing this picture a while ago xDD 
To be honest,can't really say I liked the anime.. it was kinda' annoying actually,still I thought it would be fun drawing this : > 

Posting some of my old stuff while working on commissions~ Hope you like this~~ >w<
Anime- 'Oreimo' (some hella long name ) 

Sonico-chan by Amena-dono
Hey guuys : >  it's been a while~ While I'm working on commissions/projects and stuff,here's a print I made a while ago for a local event ~~ Hope you like it~!
I think Sonico it really pretty ^w^  too bad her anime was a disaster.. 
I'm getting two figurines of her soon,so I can't waiiit!! >w< 
*throws kisses at everyone*
Get back here,you scum! -DRRR by Amena-dono
Get back here,you scum! -DRRR
Izaya being the troll that he is and deserving the flying vending machines thrown at him by Shizuo =))
Can't help but love this duo~~~

I heard some rumors that there was going to be a season 2 of Durarara this summer,it was announced a while back..but i couldn't find it on any list of summer animes :(
Maybe they either canceled it or it was a fake ;__; I'd love to see a new season,since the novel advanced quite a bit since where the previous season left off.
*crosses fingers for a new season in the near future* 
Yato-kun by Amena-dono
Yet another artwork I made a while ago xD I still have to watch Noragami. Probably in a few days or so ^^
He seems like a lovable guy this Yato xD 
Hope you like it~~ 
Have you seen Noragami? What did you think of it?  : > 


Circle lense Review- Vassen Sakura candy blue

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 29, 2013, 11:37 AM
Character in the header is Shio and she belongs to KamiCon
:heart::iconamena-dono::iconyoneyu::heart::heart::iconamena-dono::iconyoneyu::heart::heart::iconamena-dono::iconyoneyu::heart::heart::iconamena-dono::iconyoneyu::heart: The awesome duo xDDD

Hey guys ^_^ I've made a review about those circle lenses,so I'm posting it here too ^o^ Some might want a pair for cosplay~ ^ v ^

Review 2 by Amena-dono

First of all,I'd like to point out that those are my first lenses,so I never wore any of any type before. This review might be useful to those who also want to get a pair of circle lenses for the first time. :heart:

As some might be honest,the first time I put the lenses on I kind of freaked out x'DDD yeaah I was really shocked by how big they looked on my eyes.
 Eventually,after applying make-up and false lashes,they looked more balanced. My natural color is grey-blue,so I chose those lenses in order to enlarge my eyes,rather then get a completely different eye color. For the enlargening effect,the really did their job. My eyes look much larger and doll-ish after putting them on,but still,I would recommend using some suitable make-up and false lashes,so they wouldn't look too big compared to the rest of your face. 
Most of the enlarging effect is given by their thick,black outer rim,but if your iris is rather small,the blue area might also add up to enlarging your eyes. 

The Sakura Candy series seems more like one suitable for cosplay,rather then daily wear,so they might be a good choice if you have a convention right around the corner. As for comfort, they feel rather good once you have them on. I sometimes forget I have them on ^^; .  

I have to admit,I'm still a little clumsy with putting on lenses,so sometimes it takes some time to put them on. Other times they just pop in right after I place them near my eye. It depends a lot on how often you if your reflexes are really might have a hard time holding your lids in place ^^;; (like in my case). 

Overall, I'm happy with this pair of lenses~<3 The color is very vibrant and looks really awesome in photos, the black rim enlarges your eyes by a good deal and they are quite comfy after you put them on properly ^u^
Ah,even though they are comfy and sometimes you might forget you're wearing them,I'd still suggest wearing them for less then 6 hours at once,as specially if your eyes are not used to having lenses on or simply are a bit more sensitive.
All in all,those lenses are great if worn properly :heart:
I love them ~

Oh, by the way, you also receive a cute Animal case for your lenses when shopping at PinkyParadise~ I got some green elephants x'//D

Right now PinkyParadise is having a 50% discount on some of their lenses,so you might want to check them out while the offer is still up~…

For more product reviews as well as many cute posts,feel free to like my page~ 

Good luck <3

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