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Circle lense Review- Vassen Sakura candy blue

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 29, 2013, 11:37 AM
Character in the header is Shio and she belongs to KamiCon
:heart::iconamena-dono::iconyoneyu::heart::heart::iconamena-dono::iconyoneyu::heart::heart::iconamena-dono::iconyoneyu::heart::heart::iconamena-dono::iconyoneyu::heart: The awesome duo xDDD

Hey guys ^_^ I've made a review about those circle lenses,so I'm posting it here too ^o^ Some might want a pair for cosplay~ ^ v ^

Review 2 by Amena-dono

First of all,I'd like to point out that those are my first lenses,so I never wore any of any type before. This review might be useful to those who also want to get a pair of circle lenses for the first time. :heart:

As some might be honest,the first time I put the lenses on I kind of freaked out x'DDD yeaah I was really shocked by how big they looked on my eyes.
 Eventually,after applying make-up and false lashes,they looked more balanced. My natural color is grey-blue,so I chose those lenses in order to enlarge my eyes,rather then get a completely different eye color. For the enlargening effect,the really did their job. My eyes look much larger and doll-ish after putting them on,but still,I would recommend using some suitable make-up and false lashes,so they wouldn't look too big compared to the rest of your face. 
Most of the enlarging effect is given by their thick,black outer rim,but if your iris is rather small,the blue area might also add up to enlarging your eyes. 

The Sakura Candy series seems more like one suitable for cosplay,rather then daily wear,so they might be a good choice if you have a convention right around the corner. As for comfort, they feel rather good once you have them on. I sometimes forget I have them on ^^; .  

I have to admit,I'm still a little clumsy with putting on lenses,so sometimes it takes some time to put them on. Other times they just pop in right after I place them near my eye. It depends a lot on how often you if your reflexes are really might have a hard time holding your lids in place ^^;; (like in my case). 

Overall, I'm happy with this pair of lenses~<3 The color is very vibrant and looks really awesome in photos, the black rim enlarges your eyes by a good deal and they are quite comfy after you put them on properly ^u^
Ah,even though they are comfy and sometimes you might forget you're wearing them,I'd still suggest wearing them for less then 6 hours at once,as specially if your eyes are not used to having lenses on or simply are a bit more sensitive.
All in all,those lenses are great if worn properly :heart:
I love them ~

Oh, by the way, you also receive a cute Animal case for your lenses when shopping at PinkyParadise~ I got some green elephants x'//D

Right now PinkyParadise is having a 50% discount on some of their lenses,so you might want to check them out while the offer is still up~…

For more product reviews as well as many cute posts,feel free to like my page~ 

Good luck <3

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Hi. I just wanted to say your art is AMAZING! <3
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Hello :3
Rikae Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Thanks for dropping by and deciding to follow! Have we by chance met at EECC? I think I remember some of your works from there!
Amena-dono Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww lool I saw your message now x'///DDD I'm slow!! sorry >w< ;;
Yess,we've been neighbors at EECC! :D But I didn't have the chance to come and greet ;w;''' I was so caught up with all the visitors I barely got up from my chair 2-3 times during the entire even ^^;
I really wanted to come and greet and get to know all the participants at artist's alley,but I didn't get to do that ;w;'''
I saw your works from the distance and I really loved theem! I wanted to buy a Chibiusa print! Your work is lovely!! I'm really glad you were able to participate at a convention in our country! :)
Hope to see you around here more often! >w< 
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M0rb1dCh1ld Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
It's okay and you're welcome! ^^
Amena-dono Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Happy birthday! OMG CAKE 
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